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Welcome to God’s Email Box – Our Story

There is a long standing tradition in our family of keeping a 5.5×5.5×9 wooden box on our buffet in the dining room. The box is padlocked and has a hole in the top big enough for a folded piece of paper to be slipped in. This is “God’s Box”. When our worries are too much and we are struggling to “let go and let God” we write them on a piece of paper and put them in this box, literally giving our worries to God.

One day in late 2005, my 28 year old niece was in my office helping me with my web hosting and development business. She was having a pretty tough time in her life and we were talking about her worries. My mom, (her grandmother) and I told her to take a minute and write them down and go put them in God’s box. She said, “I wish I could just email him,” jokingly . . . and that was the day that the concept of godsemailbox.com was born.

This site has been established for the sole (and soul) purpose of providing a symbolic place where people can “give” their worries to God.

We have set our server to not actually accept and/or hold any of the emails that are sent to prayers@GODSEMAILBOX.COM, they just go out into cyberspace, where only God can read them. Therefore, we cannot be reached directly via this website or email address. As a courtesy, and so you can see that we are legitimate people that really do just want to do something we believe in, we have placed a link to our business website at the bottom of the web pages on this site.

This website is here to serve only one purpose, to be used by God in whatever way He chooses. Our plan is to offer inspirational content as we find it. We know from our own trials and tribulations that sometimes comfort comes from unexpected places. Our prayer is that you have found this site because it holds the comfort you need today.

May God bless and keep you.